[3D Printing] Hermes wants upgraded firmware

@Devmani Both Hermes and Apollo are saying theres a new firmware upgrade available. Hermes is refusing to print without it, not sure how to override, so I swapped to Apollo. Apollo said the same thing but accepted the print job alright.

I booked both in Skedda but Hermes is not in use right now.

Weird it shouldn’t force a user to upgrade. I’ll have to check it out

Apollo will also reject prints, but if you keep on sending the job and accepting the needs firmware dialog it will eventually take it. Not sure what steps make it accept vs reject the job.

When sending the job and its rejected a message will pop up on the computer screen that says the printer reset itself so the job was canceled, and then the printer will beep and say please install new firmware.

Ive been using the public computer in the room if that’s helpful, haven’t brought my own laptop to send the print.

Thanks for the update @njinuity! Unfortunately, @Devmani is out sick and hasn’t been able to make it into the space but we’ll see what we can do to get this resolved as soon as possible. I’m not sure what is needed for upgrading it, but we’ll try to figure that out and have it documented for the future.

If theres a guide or something I’m happy to follow it/work on it(quick google search indicates its not that hard), I just wasn’t sure if I was allowed to try to fix it.

One more followup- I’m dumb, I’ve been pressing the x when the firmware dialogue is prompting which I have realized resets the printer.

For anyone else just push the wheel as a button on the printer and it should accept your job! Ensure you press the wheel or it wont print.

Hope you feel better Randall!

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I updated the firmware on both printers (with Randall’s blessing first :slight_smile:), so should be good to go now.


Post upgrade- no more dialogue, both printers had a no connection message this morning so I pressed connect on Octoprint for both of them.

However now for some reason jobs sent to apollos IP are being sent to Sun Wukong- unsure how to fix this, it clearly says its connected to Apollo.

Connection details- com5, baud 115200 and profile Apollo. The terminal in Apollo is spamming Not SD printing.

Hermes is accepting jobs ok just with a dialogue of exceeding print volume that can be ignored.

I booked Apollo on Skedda but am using Hermes right now.

@Devmani wonder if this had anything to do with me needing to disconnect from the USB hub to do the update?

@njinuity @csader

Resolved the Issue, Apollo should be COM4, Hermes is COM3, Sun-Wu is COM 5 for future ref

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