3D printing Functional Parts

In a YouTube video from Alec from Matterhackers says I need to print polycarbonate at or above 290 deg C, 145 on the bed and have an enclosure. But in a different video Stefan from CNCKitchen prints Polymaker PC max between 250-270 deg C on the hotend and 110 on the bed. I understand that different blends print at different temperatures. My question is do you have experience printing in polycarbonate and if so is it actually suitable for functional materials or do I need high temp materials like PEEK and PEKK?

That all determines what function the parts are performing. Are you trying to print parts that will be used in engine compartments, freezers? Will the parts be operated under high amounts of stress or force?

There is a great amount of detail that is left out of this post to be able to answer your question accurately. Please explain what you are trying to create, and be as descriptive as possible. It would also be helpful if you happen to have pictures of the model, if you are designing them yourself, or provide a link to something similar to compare to.

Second the point that “functional” has many interpretations and this is actually an application-specific criteria.

Will it creep under load at higher temps? Maybe that’s very important to the app, maybe not

Also all plastics have a significant thermal expansion coefficient. Their dimensions do shift slightly with temp.

I just want something that is rigid that I can’t bend with my hands. I would like to build an articulated robot like the ones they use in automated manufacturing. I made a skull out of petg before and when I went to screw the screw into the plastic it cracked.

Here are 2 resources for you that should help out:

Simplify3d Material Guide

Printing with every 3d Filament

If you use the drop-down for the description on the second one, it lists all the time markers for the different filaments.