3d printers for sale

Listed them cheap so they’ll move quickly. Need to make space, as I have 5 printers dominating my workspace…they are sitting in my media room while I reconfigure the office/hobby room. I figured this community has more 3d printing geeks locally than anywhere else.

Anycubic Kossel Delta 3D printer - heavily customized $150
The only thing left in action from the stock is the frame & steppers. This is my oldest project printer, and when calibrated properly, it runs @150mm/s+ on smaller objects.

E3D all metal hotend
Flying extruder (my design, can provide link to thingiverse)
32 bit SKR 1.3 mainboard + TMC2209 drivers (desde quiet steppers)
3 fan cooling setup
Heated 180mm bed with mosfet
Many 3d printed mods (tool holder, self adjusting carriages etc)

Extra Buildtak build surfaces included
Huge bag of stock parts included

Also have Lack enclosure built for this printer available

QIDI Tech Dual Extruder 3D Printer + 32 bit upgrade $250
This is a Flash forge Creator Pro clone, with lots of upgrades. Not recommended for beginners.
These retail for $300, plus there is $100+ worth of upgrades included.

Micro Swiss MK 10 all metal hotends
Upgraded cooling fan setup
SKR 1.3 mainboard + TMC2209 stepper drivers (dead quiet running)
Extra build surfaces included (needs to be changed)

Customized Marlin 2 firmware will be shared via Google Drive link. Everything works great besides LCD.
Original mainboard and LCD included. I ran this on a Raspberry Pi + Octoprint, so never setup the LCD.

P.S. I have plenty of pics on request, can’t post here.

Is there any cubic kossel 3d printer still available? I ma interested.

Yep email me jason dot harmon at gmail we can coordinate.