3D Printer IP address don't work

using the over the weekend and, after coming in to find it, - neither IP resolves. any ideas?

I was there earlier today and it was working just fine. can you send screenshots so i can see what the error you are getting is?

I’m getting connection timed out, site cannot be reached. this is from home, so over the WWW

you cant access it from home. only from the shop when connected to the shops wifi

that’s kind of disappointing, I wanted to see if a printer was being used before i made the trip over. ah well, thanks.

yeah it hasnt been merged over yet but i can check it for you. More than likely though if you are printing in PLA then the two in the black case are usually available.

On them you would either need to use a usb or sd card with your gcode file on it.

I’m actually at home currently getting the Octoprint setup sorted for those printers so they will be accessed in the same fashion just a different ip address.

cool, thanks. i’ll just set up a time in the calendar and take the gcode over. it’s a simple print so PLA should be fine.