3D Carving with Carveco

Folks - Will Asmbly’s large CNC do 3D carving? I’m interested in adding some elements to the signs I’ve been working on. I can build it in Carveco Maker, but I’m not sure if the CNC will handle the tool paths. It looks like I can save the paths in a couple of different Linux formats, .nc, or .tap. What do you think?

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I think LinuxCNC needs the paths to be in gcode. Could definitely be wrong though. Alternatively you could use VCarve to make the 3D toolpaths, it may not be as capable but it can handle 3D geometry.

@dannym can probably elaborate on the file requirements

The big CNC we have now is EXCELLENT at 3D detail carving, it’s crazy good at it in fact. That was a primary motive for its design, and LinuxCNC’s trajectory planner is amazingly good. It has done massive pieces all the way down to the Grecian carving the size of a bar of soap on the front desk done with a 0.5mm tip.

I could not find specifics on the Lagunas, but the machine’s design does not appear that well suited for 3D carving with detail. The axes are very heavy which is a seriously limiting factor for dynamic work. I don’t know much about its FANUC controller yet, it’s a proprietary industrial controller.

I love me some FANUC.