2nd COVID Shot is a doozy

This is in no way trying to scare anyone to not get vaccinated because I believe everyone should do so. This is merely to help prepare you if you walk into thinking the 2nd one will be as much a breeze as the first one.

In a nutshell, just prepare to feel like you have the flu for 2 days but aren’t contagious. I woke up this morning feeling like I was hit by a semi. Achy joints, chills, headache.

The doctor says to treat it like a flu. Take Tylenol, drink lots of fluids and just rest at home.

I almost forgot the most important part. I received the Moderna vaccine.

So don’t plan any thing that requires a lot of steps or heavy lifting for up to 2 days after the second dose.


The mindset I’m looking to maintain for when i get my second is that it’s a sign my immune system is doing it’s job. Amazing.

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Yeah that’s what my mom said she was told was that it means it’s working.

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I second the warning… it was brief and then it was over and I felt 100% normal… but wow…

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What was the timeframe between getting the jab, and beginning to feel bad?

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Maybe around 12-16 hours later. Yeah it’s just flu symptoms but exponentially multiplied by say 5. I just went grocery shopping and my knees feel like I’ve ran 5 miles.

My wife and I both got jab 2 in the afternoon. She felt a little bleh the next day, a worse on day 2, and mostly back to normal by day 3. It didn’t bother me much at all. Ours is a Pfizer anecdote, FWIW

Moderna here… and my wife was fine. 12 hour lag? and vert flu-like. Made me realize it’s been a long time since I got the flu - and how much it sucked.

It’s been highly variable. A friend of mine got the Moderna and the 1st shot was miserable, while the 2nd shot was nothing. My in-laws had basically nothing for both shots.

As someone who got his Covid immunity the hard way, I would gladly trade you. I had a 103 fever for two solid weeks, had a cough that wouldn’t go away for another four weeks and my overall stamina still hasn’t recovered.

fair enough - you are right that I wouldn’t make that trade :slight_smile:

Same situation with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. My symptoms started after 5 hours, and had the fever, aches and tiredness that first day, but was back to normal after 3 days. I heard similar stories from two other who got J&J too. Seems like the single shot causes a similar reaction to the second shot of the other types. But yes, the rough feeling was an excellent sign that the protection is building up in our bodies. :slight_smile:

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Pro tip everyone:
Don’t go for a run in the morning, get your second dose, then play basketball that same night.

  • dude, +20 hrs after 2nd moderna shot.
    Symptoms: whole body is sore and obviously a bit more in my arm. Had been pre-dosing advil in hopes of not getting a headache like I did with first dose. So far it’s working!

Ps. Happy I’m feeling this way tho

I have to say I feel 100% back to normal so symptoms dont’t last very long after the onset.

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I was in the Moderna clinical trial, I don’t recall anything but feeling sore where I got the shot the next day. I think you’d get that from a saline shot. I had guessed I got placebo, but found later I got the vax. Felt nothing.