2.75mm or 3.00mm ABS filament

My wife bought several spools of ABS filament. But 2 spools are 2.75mm and 2 are 3.00mm and they won’t fit in my Snapmaker at home. I’m pretty sure they also won’t fit anything at ASMBLY.

Does anybody have a 3D printer that can use these sizes?

It’s too big to use in my weedeater :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Any other ideas?

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The Taz 5 uses 3mm filament, I just got it up and running again.

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Excellent! Thanks. In that case, I’ll probably just donate the filament since I haven’t taken the 3D printer class and since I have my own at home.

Just FYI, If you feel you have intermediate level 3D printing skill/experience and are very familiar with how to use a slicer and set up a print, you can take a “short form” certification with @Devmani which basically just skips over the beginner stuff and instead focuses mainly on makerspace-specific workflow and policy.

I have two printers at home but I like to use the Prusas here for their higher quality finish if I have a print that would benefit from that (most my prints are functional and don’t need to be super pretty) or if my home printers are overloaded/out-of-order.

Thanks for the info on the “short form” class. I’ll take that.

@Devmani I made some updates to Lulzbot TAZ - Asmbly Wiki based on your comments.
I changed the status to active, and I changed the filament to read 1.75-3.00 but I’m not sure if that’s correct. As I noted in my original post, I have some 2.75 filament. Does Taz only use 3.00mm or a range?

only 3mm to my knowledge and what I’ve seen in the manual.

Turns out that I can’t save my edits on that page

Made the change for you! thanks for the headsup to update it

Should read Taz 5 dual Extruder v3, The nozzle size is 0.5mm, The filament size is 3mm, Slicer is Lulzbot Cura, Network addy I’ll have to get back to you it’s like xxx.xxx.x.x:5003 or something.

Late but I made those changes.

I learned something interesting, apparently if you play with extrusion multiplier, you can actually use 1.75mm filament in the TAZ 5 without modification to the extruder according to someone I know who does that regularly.

This is something I want to play with for myself and get the magic number (apparently 200% is his number but that sounds too clean to be true and doesn’t mathematically add up imo), then maybe chat with @Devmani if this is a little trick we want to allow.

Sure go for it and give it a whirl. I don’t use TAZ at all; I’ve been drying out some 3mm filament so others can use it if they want.

The IP address is

Prob want to slice using CURA Lulzbot edition and then upload it using Octoprint.