100w laser for sale $3250

I’m not super into this category of tool, but there’s a 100w laser for sale in Dripping Springs for $3250

That seems like a decent price to me.

Edit: I looked this machine up and it’s not a great price. They’re $3200 new. I should have looked it up before I made this post.

Perhaps they’ll take a substantially lower than asking price. If someone is inclined to barter.

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I owned one of these for four years; mine looked identical to this one. It’s quite a decent configuration though not quite up for heavy use. The stepper motors are a bit whimpy, the sheet metal is a bit thin, and the exhaust air flow isn’t very effective but for a single user with moderate use it’d be excellent.

The Ruida 6442 controller is wonderful and works with Lightburn. If anyone is interested in this unit then beyond its general condition I’d recommend you look closely at two things: 1) hours on the tube (SPT C tubes can be good but all tubes have limited life and these lasers tend to have QA rejects) and 2) the bundle (you’ll need at minimum a chiller and compressor). Our machine was 220 but it didn’t need to be because a 15 amp 110v circuit is more than enough.

If it was well-maintained then it can be a very useful laser.

Thankfully it’s three grand or I would have bought it lol