1 on 1 Vinyl Class


I’ll be out of town starting the 6-8th of March. I won’t be able to make the sublimation or vinyl class.

Is anyone free to teach me a crash course before then?? Willing to pay the class price.

Please & thank you.

Feel free to reach out to me via email info@3dbuilds.design



Hi Manny. I can certainly give you a hand with the vinyl cutter. It’s not so much a piece of equipment that has a sign off, the class is purely informational. Send me a DM and we can work out a time that works.

Hannah! You’re the best!

How’s Tuesday the 28th?? You pick the time.

Also, do you know your way around the sublimation printing and pressing as well??

Sure I can do Tuesday. I’ll be there around 6pm. I have done dye sublimation in the past but I haven’t used this software/printer. You’ll have to wait for someone else for dye sublimation class, I think that one does require certification.

Ok, cool! See you at 6!

I’ll post about the sublimation. I think someone named Stephanie hosts it.

Thanks again!


I’m so sorry, I’m going to have to cancel today. My flight got moved up and I have too many things to do before I leave. Thanks again for going out of your way to meet me.

I’ll be back on the 18th of March or so.

Thanks again!

no worries. Feel free to sign up for the class when you get back. They’ll run about once a month