1/16 Plywood Source

On another sourcing question, are there any good sources for 1/16 plywood? I can find it on Amazon, but it seems pretty pricey. Plus we have the tools to cut it down easily.

Veneers as well. Where do ya’ll go?

I’ve purchased bundles from them in the past.
However, you might check with Tommy too.
He bought in bulk at the end of a conference.

Another face on the above is Joe Woodworkers.
If anyone wants veneering supplies, they’re great.
I particularly endorse their vacuum press kits.

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I’ve got some rolls of veneer. What size and type wood are you looking for?

I’m not sure yet. Doing research for now. I’ll be doing mandalas, so color will more important than grain. And I’m trying to reduce the stack thickness by going to 1/16 ply.

Catch me the ASMBLY and we can stalk details.

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