Volunteer Project: Save The Gorton Mill? (!)

There would be no problem getting a 1.5hp or even a 3hp 1750rpm 3ph 208v motor inside that cylinder to maintain the aesthetic. But it would need a custom mount and end with a similar pulley, which could go easily or be a huge time sink.

Looks like @mark999 is on the right track. I agree with your assessment.

X axis lead screw has .012" play
Y has .035"

No detectable play in quill when extended and unlocked
No more than .0025" play in spindle, extended

Knee and X both feel really good to me
Y gets tight on the last few inches in, I assume the rest has been worn and gibs adjusted accordingly.

There’s a setscrew in the middle of the top of the table (!) for oil, though I haven’t opened it

Holy crap, they still exist https://louisallis.com

Not in Milwaukee anymore though.

Hi, is it a 3 phase motor? Not sure if will fit the bill, but I have one laying around in my storage that I will probably never use. It’s never been used left over from a job.

FYI I’m new here. I’m a licensed Electrical Contractor and Electrician (I don’t re-wind motors though) but if you need my help, let me know.


Welcome @Guitarsarge !


It would be easier to rewind the motor than to put another motor in the housing

What is the hp rating? Is it 208 or 230v 3phase?

I will take the motor to Hamilton Electric this week to see the prognosis.


Or use their services:

Motor Repair - Louis Allis

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Welcome to the group @Guitarsarge! Electrician you say…

I would consider it if Louis Allis was closer

Rewind is first choice, but I can easily machine a custom pulley/mount if you need me to.

Fact. Hopefully it can be salvaged!

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I got 2 snow days so I dropped off the motor at Hamilton Electric this morning. Now we wait for a response.


Two snow days for Joe, enjoy the time off!!

Oh I am. All the projects are getting attention



Parts manual

Lubrication Manual

Here are the links to the manuals.