Red settings for 1/2" baltic birch?

It’s been a few years since I’ve needed to cut 1/2" on Red Laser. Does anyone have a .las file or just remember good settings for cutting 1/2" baltic birch on Red? (My sheet is the standard stuff sold at the Fine Lumber & Plywood around the corner from hackerspace that so many of us use, which is why I’m hoping someone has known settings for it.)

Here is a post from @clayD discussing cutting 6MM (.25") at 3.7%. Sorry I don’t have an exact setting but from my experiences I always need to do test cuts to find the correct settings. I’d start at 2% and go up or down depending on the outcome.

Just to be clear the above was reposting from an old issue where the alignment got knocked off, this is not any current prob. I would ask to please avoid reposting this way on the forum, it’s confusing.

You will get somewhat better performance placing the focus at the middle of the material. This is marginally better performance with 6mm, it gets more significant the thicker the material. However, there is a limit that there’s only a total of about 0.65" clearance on the cone so there is a limit of how far you can take that.

Sorry if that was confusing to you. My intention was to share what had worked in the past on similar material. This is why I called out Clay’s normal settings in my comment and not his reduced speed or the misalignment.

@r1b4z01d Thanks… I recognized the value of the post was the “normal” settings, not the disordered ones. But, @dannym, you make a good point that it might not be recognized by everyone reading this.

I think I was using 1.8 last time… I found an old post-it note that might be my old settings. :slight_smile: Guess I’ll find out on Tuesday night.

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Definitely post the settings when you find out. Good Luck

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95% power
0.4% speed
0.37" deep

Is very slow, and still didn’t cut through on left side of the bed.

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Thank you for posting. I’m going to try the same setting on another laser.

If it’s the left side it’s a leveling issue I’ll take a look

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