Message board still needs lots of work!

This new message board hardly seems suitable for the ATXHS, unless it is going to be greatly improved in the very near future. How can you have a message board that does not allow links? And what should I do when I make a post and it disappears? No confirmation message or mention of it being held up for moderation… Should I make the post over and over until something finally gets through? And those silly badges and the nagging might be appropriate for high school group, but aren’t most of us beyond that now? Please take a look at Groups DOT io as an alternative.


The ability to post links is withheld for new users until after reading other threads. This is to prevent spam and bots from posting inappropriate links in these forums.

Spend 20 minutes reading other stuff already on the forum to unlock this option.

The post in question I can see, it shows you deleted it yourself by accident. I went ahead and changed a setting so in the future you have 24 hours to undo the delete (it was set to be irreversible)

Thanks James! I’m an old guy and I usually don’t like change. :wink: It certainly seems like I have spent over 20 minutes on the board, but I admit that I prefer to use E-mail subscriptions to follow new topics. Is the lack of any way to see E-mail address or send private messages also something that will permitted in the future?

Yes you should be able to send PM’s once you hit trust level 1.

The 20 minutes is actually timed by the system, and need to be on 5 different threads with 30 different posts. (Yeah a bit of a nuisance, but it is an effective automated way to vet hundreds of new people)

If you want to go back to a mailing list there is an option for it. You can see the instructions for it here -> Help! How do I get the mailing list setup in Discourse?

The issue is that if you use mailing list mode your trust level won’t increase as the system cant see how much reading you do. As long as your level 1 I dont think itll hurt anything.

I havent heard of anybody using the mailing list option yet, so if you run into any issues let us know.

I have mailing list mode enabled. I still find it substantially more convenient to see new comments in my email than via the website.

I haven’t tried using email to reply to a thread yet – I click “visit topic” and reply on the website so I have access to all the posting settings.