Laser Wood for Sale

Asmbly now has Baltic plywood (import) for sale in the Laser room. Currently we have 1/4" sheets cut to various sizes. The plywood is sourced from Dakota woods.
The sizes are: 3’x4’, 2’x4’ and 1’x4’.

Please scan the QR code for purchase and select the appropriate size.

There is also a QR code located on the storage cabinet in the laser room.

The idea is to provide a consistent source of material for users, at a quality and price better than the big box stores. Materials will be refreshed as needed, please post if they are getting low.


Nice. Definitely a good option to have — I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve been in the middle of a job and thought “if only I’d brought one more sheet of 6mm Baltic… (without Swiss-cheese holes in the middle)” :cowboy_hat_face:

Any plans to stock some 1/8” (3mm)? Also a very useful common material.


Yes, future purchases will include 1/8.


Pumped about this, thanks to whoever was involved in setting this up!


As a person with only small vehicles, THANK YOU!


Big thank you to @jamesfreeman for taking charge on the materials here and super big thanks to @torchedguitar for all his work on this laser table.

And now, a shameless plug for help with the laser work table drawers :grin:

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