ILHIGH fundraiser recap

I don’t have the full numbers yet with donation matches, but I wanted to give an initial report on how the I Live Here I Give Here fundraiser went this week –

We manage to get 50 donors with initial donations totaling $4,740 :tada: I’d say that’s pretty great for our first year!

Special thank you to our Fundraising Champions who each earned a free month of membership :clap: @Devmani :clap: @jamesfreeman :clap: @doyoudig :clap:

There were several donation match drives we were eligible for in addition to donation matching some donors received from their employers. I’ll update this thread with more details as those numbers come in.

So what’s happening with the funds you ask? The board will be discussing this next week, but one thing we’re thinking about is accelerating some improvements/purchases that were slated for later in the year. We’ll have more to report on this front once we get the final numbers and discuss further.

Thanks again to everyone who participated!

We learned a lot our first year and had a great showing. Well done all!