Bandsaw adjustment work day?

Sweet, Yah I can order that for you.



Done should get here in 5-10 days


Thanks @EricP for ordering. Thanks @gmossessian for bringing it up. Forgot to mention it a 2nd time

Goodnews. The bandsaw tires for the jet have arrived. I’m pretty busy and don’t know if I will have time this week to install.

Every part for the Jet band saw upgrade has arrived. I will work on installing it sometime this week.

Someone had reinstalled the blade after the the defective sticker was placed on the saw. Also the power cord was removed. I have hidden the bandsaw blade to lessen the temptation.

If you want to do it Wednesday night or later in the week I can come help. Otherwise I’m OOT.

Sorry @gmossessian I had a short window of time tonight. I got the bandsaw tires and new bearing guide support installed.

New tires

New bearing blade guides

I couldn’t reinstall the plate. If someone wants to fiddle with it. That would be nice. I think it was stretched. If you are cutting tiny bits be careful of the opening. I have 3D printed plates. I will drop it off.


you’re the best Joe!

Here is a cheapie insert.

I noticed the grizzly support arm crank is messed up again. Might be time to look at it more thoroughly. The Rikon band saw clamp will be back this weekend.


The Rikon resaw fence is back. The original design only had 3 threads for clamping. The threads kept stripping. The rework now has about 7 threads. It should last a long time. I will post some pics later.

The Grizzly needs to be taken down for maintenance.


Welded on some new material.

New washer for spreading the clamping force

Location of the washer

Reworked bandsaw fence.


Awesome stuff Joe. Thanks for doing this.

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