Autodesk for Beginners - Follow Along?

I think my phone has finer features than his. I had to make all of the chamfers much smaller to stop them from running into each other.

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I finished the hex nut and the bike handlebar grip today!

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Good work! Getting threads on nuts and bolts to work can be tricky.

Cat bowl. You can tell it’s for cats because it’s fancy gold, not utilitarian stainless steel.

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Day 12 - Augury complete :crystal_ball:

I was really confused about the final chamfer for a while. I had to flip back and forth on the parametric timeline to look at the model with and without it a bunch of times. The faces are clearly not the sizes specified (they’re 4.351mm and 0.5mm). Eventually, I figured out that the chamfer size is what is removed rather than what remains. :bulb:

Okay I finally made the doorstop and realized about 2/3rds of the way through what I had done. It didn’t affect the lesson I was getting from the tutorial so I didn’t fix it. :laughing:

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I’d like to figure out how to get semi-transparent for things like the handle. Translucent is practically opaque and transparent is almost not there.

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Lightbulb done!

It offended me that the height of the tetrahedron was not exact, so I set the offset plane to d1 * sqrt(2/3) and made the diameter of the hole d1 / 2. Much more satisfying. This is probably why I was a math major and didn’t get into building physical things until later in life.

Heh. It turns out this kind of thing was exactly what Day 16 was about.

There wasn’t much to do in Day 18, so I made this fascinating object in Day 19 :joy:

I guess future lessons will take this further…

I’m not following the series yet, but great work everyone—keep it up!


That is a little more interesting.

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Day 21. After a weekend at a state park, a Javelina keychain seems appropriate.

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Cool! Tell us about the Javelina. The Wildflower Center had their all time high attendance record on Friday along with the Spring Plant Sale for members. Sprung is really Springing.

My partner and I have a trailer that has a forest scene on the side. We want to add a critter to the forest scene for each trip we take. I just took Asmbly’s Vinyl Cutter class, and went in prepared with javelina and chachalaca SVGs. We didn’t see either of them at Inks Lake this weekend (though they are having a wildflower “superbloom”). This trip’s critters are going to be the pair of Canada geese that spent most afternoons in our campsite.


My attention got eclipsed by something else, but I’m back at it for Day 22:


Day 23 complete.

Day 24 done. Wincing at the pricing on that napkin holder. (Apparently, I’ve hit the reply limit)

Heh. Apparently there are only 24 lessons in the 30 day course. Thanks for the recommendation @Sid! I feel much more comfortable in Fusion now.