Zoom call with new El Paso Makerspace?

Hi, Hackers, the head of the new El Paso CC makerspace reached out to us to say hello – they’re building up their space and I think would love to connect with us – so maybe you have helped to build out a makerspace, or maybe you’ve just used one for quite a while, maybe you have good connections or Craigslisting tips when looking for tools and machines, and would be interested in helping them on strategies for their initial buildout, or with community-building –

Ideally we don’t go all 'splainy and tell them how it really should be done, in fact I’m not sure the s-word will be useful at all, more listening to their questions and giving them the benefit of our shared experience – if we can help them to spend less and get more of what they need, I think those would be good services we could render – and we get to learn what they’re envisioning and what they have on hand already, and needs specific to their community in El Paso! A meeting of the makerspaces! :slight_smile:

So, good time to geek out and re-live the excitement of a brand-new space if you’re into it… :wink: Drop a note in the thread if you’re interested and I’ll send out a Zoom link for sometime next week – tentatively next Thursday Nov 5 at 6pm?

Everybody needs somebody a little further on the path to help them take the next step!

Happy hacking,

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This may be out of scope - but I did help the Tarrant County Makers set up their 501c3 (tax exempt status). I’d be happy to share any insights I have from that process.