Woodturning/Lathe class?

Looking to learn/be allowed to use the wood lathe for turning stuff like bowls and rings, is there any chance we could get a class going for that? From what I understand, I’m not “allowed” to be using it until I’ve had some sort of basics course.

Feel free to correct me if Im mistaken!


@wynd think you could teach a class sometime in January?

Yes! Let’s make it happen. I’ve had a few things to figure out first, but I think we are ready to go on a lathe class.
I’ll put together some info to get it in Neon and will post here once folks can sign up. Thanks for the reminder @friedman_js and @valerie!


That would be awesome. Thanks Scott!

I’ll be out of town from Jan 10 through Feb 2, so in case this gets organized during that time frame I wont be able to attend :confused:

Not sure what the status on this is

I’d be interested in this class too! Steve

Throwing my name out there too – I’ve always wanted to learn how to turn wood

me four

Me five…

AND MY AXE! … wait, I mean me 6!

Haha, glad there’s so much interest in this! I won’t be able to get a class going until February, but I’ll plan to put them on every 2 weeks until we’ve got all of y’all through the class!

Will let you all know on this thread, and elsewhere too I’m sure, once the classes are ready to sign up for in Neon!


Hey everyone, just wanted to make sure y’all saw the announcement, lathe classes are live. Further info here:

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