Woodshop notes, planer and jointer

I serviced the planer and jointer today. The planer had several severely chipped teeth. More than just a staple was run through. All 4-5 teeth in a circle were moderately to severely damaged. If the planer is not surfacing properly, please report it here.

The jointer safety cover had been bent back so far that it damaged the spring mechanism. It would not automatically cover the blades anymore. Scary dangerous, but better now. Again, please report when you notice equipment not working properly, especially safety features.

The jointer is not surfacing great. I need to go back over the blades another day. When using the jointer or planer, please remember - thin bites. Don’t be aggressive.


Thank you Charlie!

It would help if you posted pictures (on the tools themselves) of things to look for.

It’s hard to photograph surface texture. As for the damaged teeth, you have to open the planer up. I don’t advocate for everyone to open it up.

Thanks, Charlie! I know a lot of us just abuse the machines. Probably not the right place to ask but (I have not looked around), is there a metal detector available? A little of heads up for everybody: even though you get lumber and think there is no metal in it, often there may be a metal staple at the edge or at the end of the boards. It is used to attach a tag or transportation bill. More and more the industry is replacing the metal staple with plastic or labels but they are still around. Upcycle lumber should be checked with a metal detector before running through any power tool.

ah, good question Jose! Yes, there’s a shop metal detector on the left side of the table saw. Definitely an excellent idea to run it over any piece you think has any chance of having some metal in it.

Thank you @JOSEGAYTAN for working on the drum sander this morning.

actually the metal detector is in the stewards closet. I thought the batteries were just dead but that wasn’t the case. It appears a new one needs to be purchased.

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I wasn’t able to properly use the planer on a project I was working on earlier, although that was just as likely user error as it was the machine not working properly (I’ve only used it a few times.)

What was the problem you experienced?