Woodshop left a mess again

I arrived to teach class this morning, and the place was a mess. Miter station was covered in saw dust, with construction lumber cutoffs laying around.

Miter gauge for table saw had been taken apart. Now the threaded insert is missing. If you have to take something apart, please put it back together.

Router table trashed. It also looked like the debris from emptying the dust collector barrel. If you create a mess while transferring containers, please clean up

Planer was a mess.

Floor around work tables was a mess.

Table saw was a mess.

Maybe time to put badge controls on things , to have an audit log ? Wonder if it’s same offender or different offenders. This seems to be an ongoing problem.

Well, we have logs now that everybody has to use OpenPath to get in. And the cameras supposedly keep logs.

So, evidence shouldn’t be a problem.