Woodshop cleanup

It’s possible I inadvertently put on my cranky pants this morning, but came in to the woodshop floor a mess (cigarette butts, paper, and saw dust), full garbage cans.

That started the day. In the last half hour someone bombed in, not on on the schedule, resawed on the band saw (left the mess) clogged planer the dust control; clearing the clog, but not emptying the bag, and then just tore out.

I know the board was looking into issues like this, so wanted to bring it to the attention of the PTB.

Thank you for reporting @Chrisjmckinley and I’m sorry that happened. I try to check the forums regularly and catch posts like this, but if you email enforcement@asmbly.org about these sorts of things, we are least likely to miss it. That last half hour behavior you described is especially unacceptable and something we’ll be able to address lickety split come full transition to OpenPath.

Can you email enforcement@asmbly.org so we can get some more info directly?

Will do