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UPDATE - Class registration for woodshop classes is now on Neon! Check out the upcoming classes and registration links at http://new.atxhs.org/classes/

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Sign up here – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HWjkxXAOfL1EZi604aMOuOI1hnEHa0F2vVBFOTkzwTk/edit?userstoinvite=cfstaley@gmail.com&ts=5f18cdf3&actionButton=1#gid=0
Let us know if you run into trouble!
Kye & Workshop team

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Thank you for the Link to the woodshop class. I think I’ve signed up for the class on Sunday. It appears the class tonight is full. Maybe I’m just dense, but I can’t find out how to pay dues and I can’t find how to sign up for other classes. I signed up on the waiting list for the wood shop, but that seems to be to get in the wood shop. I think I found a proper place for the classes as well. I’m trying to get up and running as soon as possible. I’m trying to make a birthday present for my daughter.

Hi Fred, you’re doing great – you scheduled for Sunday’s class, terrific – there you’ll get your key fob.
Yes, the Weds night class was full – just doing 3 students at a time right now.
You’ll get your key fob at Sunday’s class, hang in there, and you can book time for later that day if you want – the new systems are a little tricky to start, but they’re a lot smoother with practice, so I’m always telling folks to go gently, gently, and ask for help when needed.
Will Sunday be in time for her birthday?

Hey Kye! I just finished up my orientation and I’m excited to get into the shop. Is this still the best way to sign up for a woodshop class? It doesn’t seem like the linked google sheet has been updated in a while. Thanks!

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Yep @lretzer ,
This is the spot for now,
there is a Red laser class tomorrow at 830 if you are interested in that as well.
Find that HERE


FYI - We’re very soon going to be transitioning the Woodshop class sign up to Neon. Working out a few final details and hoping to roll out this week, but you can always see classes available for registration through your Neon member portal or on our new website here http://new.atxhs.org/classes/

It’s official! Woodshop class sign ups have moved to Neon. You can sign up through your member portal or through the links on http://new.atxhs.org/classes/


yay, thanks, Valerie!

Don’t forget you can also register to the waiting list if a class is full! We just had a drop out for tomorrow’s woodshop class, so there is currently an opening for tomorrow night (Wed 10/28).

If you run into any issues using the new system, don’t hesitate to email me directly - admin@atxhs.org

Hey Valerie, I signed up for a spot for tonight’s (10/28) Woodshop Class through Neon, there was no indication that the class was full, and I’m not sure where to look for the waiting list. Can you post a link?

Hey @aahamp2, it should show mention of the waiting list when you are registering with a message like this:

We’re trying to get some work done to make it visible on the website how many slots are left in each class and also doing some testing around how the waitlists work. I do see you on the waitlist for this one tonight. @deathraylabs @jamesfreeman @keeganb - if anything comes up and y’all aren’t able to make it tonight, can you be sure to ping @aahamp2 and let him know?

Will do although it looks like i’m still good to go

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Thanks @keeganb! I’m also double checking with the teachers group to verify whether 4 would work for this class. I’ll post an update here in a bit once a few more have weighed in.

We’re going to bump up 4 students in the woodshop classes, so went ahead and moved you from waitlist to registered @aahamp2

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Awesome! Thank you!

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