Wood staining/finishing at asmbly

I usually just finish/stain my projects on my apartment balcony, but with all the wind today, I’m wondering: Can I finish projects at the space? Is there a dedicated spot for that?

If so, is finishing in the space even recommended? I believe I’ve read that dust settling on top of a fresh coat can make the finish worse.

Noxious finishes are a no-go, but others are fair game. There isn’t a good dedicated space yet, but it is planned for the space improvements. The clean room is slated to be converted to a clean space for this sort of thing with drying racks mounted to the wall, but we’re still working on getting items like @dannym’s fume hood out of there first (which will be gone by the end of the month). Right now, the only acceptable places would be the glue up tables but personally I wouldn’t do anything that wasn’t just an oil finish at the space with the current options because of dust. Poly-based finishes in a dusty shop is definitely a recipe for headache.

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To clarify on the oil finishes… Rubio Monocoat or Osmo Oil (or other oil/ hard wax). The oil / hard wax finishes are fantastic, leave a natural looking finish (no plastic coating look), and take a single application. They can appear expensive, but a little goes a very long way, and I repeat, a single coat. No sanding between coats! Woodcraft has 1oz bottles of Rubio for $5 that you can try out. Rubio also has colors availalbe. Osmo is very limited in colors.


Thanks for the info @cfstaley and @valerie

I suppose I’ll just stick to my patio then, for the time being.