Wood Shop Cleanup

Hey just wanting to give everyone a heads up. I was strictly using the table saw tonight but i noticed the jointer was left a mess. I didn’t have time to clean more than my own mess tonight as I was running behind.

I was supposed to be the only person in the wood shop tonight but someone else (not in Skedda) showed up and used some different tools. If you are reading this, please remember to reserve time in Skedda and clean up any messes you make.

Also just wanted to let anyone showing up tomorrow know that area has some mess still.

Wish I had more time to help clean up tonight but ran out of time.


It’s possible that that was from the woodshop safety class. I tried to clean up all the areas but may have neglected that area a little. In the future, it’ll be left in tip top shape after class.

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Possibly but I saw the person use these tools and then vanish without cleaning so I’d venture to guess the mess was his. The rest of the shop looked fine so I wouldn’t worry about it on your end!