Wood bandsaw in-depth training

I will put on a class at 9 on Sunday for the training on the wood bandsaws.

The class will cover:
-how to change a blade
-how to setup the saws for better cuts
-how to spot issues
-how to fix issues

Come if you just want to change a blade or do more.

I think we can cover everything in an hour. Let me know if you are coming? I’m not charging. I want as close to 100% uptime and better experiences with the saws. The more people who know how to use the saws the better.

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There is a Woodshop Safety class from 9 to 11. Can you put this off a couple of hours?

oh ok, Sure can. Class is now at 11


cc @Tomc

Thanks, @JoeN !


Thanks for organizing this! Would love to attend.

You uh gonna be doing this again in the future? This weekend is like the absolute worst weekend for me and Shop activities(next to NYE)

@JoeN I’ll be there at 11am Sunday.

I will work on setting up another class for later this month