Wonderspaces gallery - worth checking out

Today I visited Wonderspaces, which I was previously not familiar with. It’s full of large scale art installations of varied forms, and I think y’all might enjoy it. Synchronized seas of lights and music, spinning 3D printed goodness, a VR experience, and a musical number by sewing machines are among the included concepts.

As is usually the case with large scale project, I found myself thinking how I might build each one. Which soothes my maker soul.

It’s pretty close to the shop. And was an air conditioned respite to the very hot outdoors.


I saw this last weekend and also really liked it. There are some cool drawing robots


These are the drawing robots. Each session draws the sitter from three different angles. With examples of what it makes on the left of the picture. The middle is of the sitters whole body, with the other two being closer on the face.