Why doesn’t Illustrator on Red work and who is karen@lockoutaustin.com? (resolved)

Illustrator won’t launch because Karen@lockoutaustin.com has allowed her license to lapse. Has ATXHS not paid its bill???

This is the error message:

That’s … not the correct license / key / login.

Did someone log out of Adobe and forget to sign in our hackerspace account?

Anyone want to call me on phone to give me the correct login? 512-699-0982

I don’t know if this is still the case – but Red’s computer used to have a “reset/lockdown” software that would return it to a known good previous state if rebooted.

Is this still the case @Elrod?

I tried rebooting last night. No fix.
As of this morning, Adobe Illustrator on Red is still broken. I did email Karen@lockoutaustin.com to ask nem to renew nir subscription: no reply.

I fixed the login for Adobe Illustrator to use ATXHS credentials. It works now.

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