What's up with the router table and planer?

Is there any compelling reason for the router and planer to be switched?

It seems like that is going to cause big problems for the planer, and using long stock.

To my knowledge, this was not done with approval from @JoeN or @EricP (i.e. it shouldn’t have been done).

For future knowledge, moving machines/equipment to a new location without approval is not permitted. Things should be in their right place when you finish your work and leave. If you have concerns about the layout of equipment, you can reach out to board@asmbly.org (P.S. we’re already working on some improvements).

It’s been like that for days. Only reason I can assume someone moved them is the power cord for the Planer for some reason was as tight as it could be and pulling the plug from the socket. So much so that there were zip ties holding the plug up there.

The zip tie was installed to discourage people from moving the plug. The planer is a 220v and the other outlets are 120v.

Like I said I am just assuming. Since that was my observation at the time.