What’s the giant cabinet looking thing on one of the storage tables?

It’s been there for at least a week or two now and has no name tag on it. Just curious if it’s abandoned or something, it’s taking up quite a bit of space

@gordoa40 It is the new housing for the 3D printers. It’s a facilities project. It would be good to still have a tag on it though.

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Ah gotcha, makes sense. I’ll slap a tag on there. Still perhaps it could be moved to a different location while it’s not being worked on, but I imagine it’s not the easiest to move.

Yeah I think it would be tricky to move. It’s been worked on off-and-on all week. They’re making good progress so I don’t think it’ll be there for a long time.

CC: @dash3811

Thanks for getting it labeled @gordoa40!

The paper must have fallen off some time ago. That’s my fault. If things go as I plan it won’t be there past the weekend maybe even sooner. It wont be finished by any means but it wont be taking up space in the woodshop either.


Appreciate all your work on that @dash3811, it’s looking really great!

All good! I didn’t mean to be rude or rush anything, I just wasn’t sure what it was or if it was being worked on. Glad that the 3D printer area is getting an upgrade. Thanks!