What is the hax0r designation?

Might be a silly question, but I’m curious as to what the “hax0r” designation I see on most peoples posts. Thanks!

Not a silly question at all! We used to be called ATX Hackerspace and haxor (slightly 1337-ified to hax0r) is what we previously called members. We transitioned to Asmbly Makerspace in April and became a 501c3 nonprofit with the new name. Still slowly transitioning some of the old things, so you’ll see references to ATXHS and haxors here and there.

One of the things we haven’t fully automated yet is auto-assigning people to the right Discourse groups based on membership status. A few of us (mostly @Jon and I) have done some scripting for processes like that, but we also serve on the board and have a lot of other projects we work on for the space so it can be difficult for us to get those scripty admin things to final completion in an automated state. Always interested in more helpers on that stuff :awesome:

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Someone asked this in my last orientation and I didn’t know the answer, does the tag give users any additional access?

Only a tiny bit. There is a Haxor Wanted category only viewable to people in that group (job requests). I think also some of the Operations subcategories might only allow replies by that group. Not very many set up that way though, probably less than a handful.

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