Welding shop down

I scheduled time for TIG welding. The argon is empty. The only tanks are argon/co2 mix for mig.

So I tried switching to mig. The tip/ wire feed is welded together in a ball with wire stuck in it. I don’t see any other tips.

Plasma cutter was similarly damaged. I replaced the consumables.

My vehicle is not able to transport the argon. I would be glad to help. Where do we get it and do we have an account.

My welding task was not critical. If you see that the equipment is not functional, please post it to keep someone else from making a dry run.

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Whoa. Thanks for the heads up. I would take the tank to Texas Welding Supply. I will bring a tank tomorrow for the class tomorrow morning. I will look at mig welder tomorrow morning.

Like Fred said if something is a miss please let everyone know. It would suck if it happened to you.

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  1. I got the plasma cutter working.
  2. I put a “Defective” Sticker on the TIG welder. I left the handle assembled with one of my tungsten 16 th in. In place. I think it just needs Argon.
  3. I put a Defective sticker On the mig welder. I was able to get the contact tip out of The nozzle. It was pretty messed up. I was grinding the tip to get the wire out. It went flying. It’s somewhere around the horizontal bandsaw. I wanted to save it for the threads. I was unable to find Everlast parts. I tried some miller contact tips handsome Hobart tips. They are not compatible. I went by Texas welding supply and they do not carry them. I also tried northern tools.

I was looking on the Everlast website. They have many different nozzles available. It depends on which series gun we have. It looks like 15, 24, 25, 36 series all have similar looking parts that measure differently. It looks like A set of three nozzles is about $15. I wish I had looked at the gun before I left to see which series it was.
As for the contact tips, it looks like they have three different thread sizes depending on whether it’s light duty medium duty or heavy duty. There are either an M6 or an M8 thread depending on the size. Also, the current McGuire seems to be .030. I don’t know if the contact tips sizes .030 or .035. I know you probably know the answers to all these questions.

I have some spare tips. I will replace them tomorrow. Amazon

We use .03 wire. The thread is an M6.

I did not get a chance to change the tip and gas shield this morning on the mig welder. It is still down. I do have an order for new tips that should be here tomorrow just in case I can’t find any in my toolbox.

The tig welder has gas. The regulator was turned down all the way for some reason.

The shop was a mess this morning. Someone who didn’t understand how to use the horizontal metal band saw was not controlling the hydraulic downfeed cylinder correctly. The tig welder torch components are to be taken off and stored in the box above the welder. The mig welder gas was left on. There were consumables (flapwheels) on the shelf that should been have been thrown away. Both the air line and 120v cord were down. I expect more. We clean after we are done. We put away the tools.

The mig welder is back up and running.

I saw some welding on galvanized products in the shop. You have to grind the zinc coating off or weld it outside of the building. It is toxic to everyone. Be safe welding and clean up. We are going to start looking at a fume extractor.