Welding .. in the auto bay?

I think there was a question about it previously but I can’t seem to find it.

I’ll need to fabricate some steel frames in the welding area but then will weld them to the frame of my van.

Curious how a hacker should go about reserving this in skedda? My first instinct is to just reserve welding shop and hope nobody needs the auto bay while my van is there.

Assuming this is basically a one-off project, just reserve both the fab shop and the auto bay. You need concurrent access to both, so booking both is reasonable and will help maintain distancing.

Booking multiple spaces counts toward your time budget - 2 slots * 6 hours = 12 booking hours. I don’t think booking hour limits are being strictly enforced right now, but be aware of your resource footprint and take care not to block out other members from using the space.


And to the note on hours, if booking this way ends up setting you short on more hours needed, just email board@atxhs.org and we can help :slight_smile: Hour counts for the week restart each Monday.