Water is back on - BOIL NOTICE LIFTED

Water is running. I checked all taps, and all are working. Toilets are working. I’m leaving the tape to the side of the bathroom doors, in case the water goes out again.

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Thanks Charlie! If you are still there and see this before you leave, can you make sure we have hand sanitizer in the bathrooms? While we’re still in a boil notice, it’s super important to sanitize your hands after washing them to kill off any bacteria that may be in the water right now.

If anyone is able to make some simple signs for reminders on this to post in each bathroom that would be greatly appreciated!

Done. Signs posted. Sanitizer placed.


Austin has lifted the boil water notice for most areas including the area surrounding ATXHS. Bathrooms are now back to cleared for full use. Here’s an interactive map showing the status of areas around town https://austinwater.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=78f53b392a0a4eb2869b0e9fe127c92c&fbclid=IwAR2LsF0XMj9j1nXQgkHSSWOeIXpXeFSVSkOCAobG54BsI6xxo3EiXgfONFo

Can someone remove the signs and tape from the bathrooms? Also not a terrible idea to let the faucet water run for a minute to clear out anything from the pipes.

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I took the signs down and ran the sinks for a few minutes

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Thanks @da5idii!