Was Metal class canceled?


I’m at the hackerspace and do not see joe. I’m registered to take the class right now. Is there contact info I can have to reach out to him?

@valerie - I was told you might have his contact info

Apologies @Norefice I am just now seeing this. Trying to reach @JoeN now.

I sent Joe the phone number I have for you in Neon and he’s going to reach out to reschedule. So sorry that happened :pensive:

Hi, Nicholas. I forgot to check the class calendar. Let me know when you are available and I will work around your schedule to get a class rescheduled. There is also a mig welding class next Friday. Let me know if you want to join that one? My apologies.

Hi Joe,

I appreciate your honesty. I unfortunately won’t be available for a few fridays from now. I rent out my car on turo and have it booked the next two weeks.

Please see the calendar below. Grey shades means I’ll have my car. As of right now I have the 11th, and 12th as next available as well as early next week. Do either of those work for you?

Please let me know as soon as you can so that I can block my calendar.

I can do the 18th at 4 till 7pm?

Works for me. What supplier do you recommend?

I saw your note saying we can bring a project. I’d like to make rectangularish table legs if possible.

Westbrook Metals since they have a dropzone (scrap bin). Asero metals is also recommended. Bring your project.


Sorry I can do Wed. I tried to book Tuesday and it was booked. I’m going to tentatively hold Wed from 5 till 8.

Sounds good. I’ll see you Wednesday!

Great See you then