Wanted - old laser printer for fuser unit

Do any of you have an old laser printer you need to get rid of or know a dumpster where they can be found?

I’m thinking that I could repurpose the fuser unit from a printer like that in order to press custom edging for sewing projects. Basically just using a folder tool that would feed folded fabric into the fuser to press it into the desired shape. My wife’s hair iron also works for this task but I’d like a solution that’s a little more purpose built.

Thanks for your suggestions!

I don’t have ideas on source, but I am terribly curious about this process. if you get something working, I’d appreciate some pictures.

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I don’t recall seeing one at a goodwill, though they often have inkjets. There’s an electrical and metal scrapyard at Rundberg and Dessau, just south of Asmbly; if they allow people to poke through the scrap and buy, that’d be where I looked.

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We found a laser printer at the apartment with electronics. Not sure we’d have room to get it or where we’d exchange it though

If you want that printer @deathraylabs talk to @valerie. I told Adrienne we had someone who may be interested, and that contact would be through Valerie.

It’s a phasor, didn’t think to look at the model number. It’s approximately a 2’ cube; it won’t be lightweight, and you’ll need to come down a flight of stairs with it.


Thanks @mark999 , I’m interested and can carry it down. I’ll speak with @valerie about it.