Walkup tours? what to do?

When i was getting ready to leave the makerspace today i was approached by a prospective new member asking if i could give them a quick tour in the building.

I told them i wasn’t sure if i could, plus i wasn’t able to find the liability forms they needed to sign.

So my questions are, whats our policy for people walking up asking for a tour? are there covid based considerations? What should we tell somebody who shows up asking for a tour?

As far as I know, official tours have only been as scheduled. Members can show guests around if they know somebody who’s interested, but there’s definitely no expectation that anyone who happens to be in the shop host J random members of the public who want a look around.

I think the right thing to do would be to refer the person to our online tours and orientation sessions, but that hasn’t been communicated very clearly anywhere. Perhaps we should print up some flyers to keep by the door in case visitors come poking around.

@valerie, @astc thoughts?

What @Jon said is correct – we are not doing tours, especially not walkup tours. Members can bring 1 guest and the ones that I know of who have done so in a tour fashion have been touring the area they sign up for (e.g. the clean room), not the whole space.

All prospective members are encouraged to watch the video tour and attend an orientation session if they want to learn more about the space. Flyers by the door are a great idea! I wonder if we have any plexiglass flyer containers with lids like they have for houses for sale that we could just keep stocked outside and safe from the elements.

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Also, all guests must sign the guest waiver (https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/v/atxhsguest/) which can be signed at the door on the tablet by the 3D printer entrance.

Yeah, i checked the doors for a flyer stating anything about redirecting them to new member recruitment and didn’t see anything so a flyer would be helpful.

I forgot about the tablet thing lol.

I would be happy to work up some flyers and find one of those protective containers unless someone else is on it.

@valerie this point would probably be a good one to address in the Mailchimp going out this weekend so members know they actually aren’t allowed to facilitate any tours like this right now. We could also clarify the steps to learning about the space (website, virtual tour, mandatory orientations and official Facility Tour by online sign up only) so that members know how to advise?

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Good idea, I’ll be sure to include that!