Volunteers needed for Anniversary Party 5/28

Hopefully you’ve heard by now that we’re having a big party at the end of the month (info here). Of course, any good big party needs hosting help to be a success!

We have a volunteer signup sheet here for help needs during the event. I just added some new slots to the preparation hour before the party of some items we will need to borrow, most importantly folding tables and chairs we can setup in the parking lot.

Check out the ways you can help make the party a success. There are lots of little things needed and small time chunks so you can make your commitment as big or small as you like :blush:

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We’ve still got volunteer slots open for the party event Saturday! Asmbly Makerspace: Anniversary Party Volunteers

Namely, we could really use more tables and chairs for outside. We have 4 and we need at least 4 more. Especially need extra chairs! Here’s the plan for that area (outside the main entrance at the back, red rectangles represent tables) –

We’ll have shade canopies for all the areas.

Lisa’s desk will be the dessert table for the day (keep the cake/cupcakes airconditioned :sweat_smile:).

Food & Drinks
We’ll have one table in the food and drink section with plates, chips, etc next to the grill with food, then at least 4 tables people can sit at to eat.

Welcome & Prizes
We could really probably use two tables in this area, but could make due with 1 if necessary. The green circle is the prize wheel.

Kid Activities
We’ll want at least two tables in this area and chairs (although some kids like to move around a bit more and might choose to stand).

Even if you don’t volunteer for the event, I hope you’ll make it out to celebrate! asmbly.org/party

I can bring a big and a small folding table and 4 chairs

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I have an extra table I can bring. Its lne of those 4 foot folding ones, but im sure you can find a use for it. Oh and i just rememberex a card table and chairs. If i can fit them in the car ill bring them.

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The more volunteers helping with setup the better! Feel free to just show up from 9a onwards to help clean up and make the space party ready.

Skedda is blocked off all morning leading up to the party, so if you show up thinking you’re going to work on your own project we will be politely reminding you Skedda reservations are required and then put you to work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: