Vintage Scroll Saw

Barn found this 24" Delta-Rockwell scroll saw (Vintage 1910s) early pandemic and finally got it all cleaned up and running again. Main fixup was machining a substitute for the bottom blade mount holder as I couldn’t find old parts on eBay at the time. Then built a basic stand and fitted an old motor. It cuts great and can handle a wide range of blade sizes.

Was planning to keep it around for cutting non laser-able materials but its taking too much space in the garage so I though I might put it out here to see if any members were interested before I try to sell it on Craigslist or eBay.

Would like to get $250.

Don’t think it would be good candidate for the space as it is pretty finicky to get the blade changes done and adjusted right.



Bravo Zulu on the restoration, it is a beauty of a by-gone era. I don’t have any space either, and I already have a newer gen Craftsman from a couple of decades ago. LOL

Peace, Wolf