Video Recording


Recently I’ve decided to get into video editing a bit, and I would like to take some footage of my projects at ASMBLY. Anyone know if there there guidelines regarding taking video?

Obviously I wouldn’t be shoving a camera in anyone’s face, and would probably try to only record when it’s not packed. I’d just be using my phone with a small table-top tripod, so it wouldn’t take up any floor space. Figured I’d ask just in case though, to see if there are any rules.


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Simply ask everyone who will might appear in the footage. Before you start recording.


Asmbly doesn’t have a photography policy per se that I’m aware of. You’d just need to comply with the guest policy and not do anything particularly risky - no acrobatics to get the perfect shot, no hanging unauthorized equipment from the ceiling, etc. If it’s just you (or you+assistant) filming your work while standing on the floor, I don’t see any problem.


Makes sense. Thank you both for the input! :slight_smile:

Just pixelate everyone in “post”.

Peace, Wolf