Updated COVID policies - Masks, etc

Thank you all who took a moment this past week to respond to the survey regarding COVID precautions (email sent to all active members through Neon). The information from this survey in addition to COVID trends and changes we’ve reviewed from other organizations has led us to several changes in our current policies. Most notably, masks are now optional at Asmbly for those who are fully vaccinated.

As you are considering your own mask choice in the space, do keep in mind that there are many areas/activities in the space where masks/respirators have always been recommended for personal safety.

You can now find current COVID policies on our new wiki at Covid Policies - Asmbly Wiki. We are still setting this wiki up, but this page is fully up-to-date and will be regularly updated as changes are implemented. Here are the broad strokes on what’s changed:

  • Masks optional — for those who are fully vaccinated, masks are now optional; masks are highly encouraged for many activities at the space as a general safety precaution

  • Sanitizing requirements lifted — however all members are expected to clean up after themselves and spend at least 5 additional minutes cleaning a community area

  • 30 minute buffer in Skedda removed — reservations may now be booked back to back

  • Covered drinks permitted in the space. Food only allowed in the lounge.

  • The lounge is no longer closed. The classroom is being used as a staging ground as we prepare for space improvements, so that area is not available for use at this time.

  • In-person meetups allowed with written board approval

    • Must have an active Asmbly member sponsor and attend
    • Max 10 attendees
    • Must receive board approval via email to board@asmbly.org

Signage has been updated at the space to reflect the new mask policy and Skedda reservation checkboxes have been updated. If you notice old signage at the space that conflicts with these policies, please help out by taking it down.

We’re excited to take this big step back towards normalcy and bring back more in-person events and work days — lots of great stuff coming up soon!


I am very encouraged to see this… and it’s a great sign of the strength of our community that we have kept up best practices to get to this point.