Update - New Tool Storage

Thanks to @Vmikes, @gmossessian , @jamesmcnees for all of their fantastic help today. We got the pony walls built and standing on temporary braces. Several storage modules built, and lots of raw material in process. The old shelving was harvested/ upcycled for the new French cleat walls. Hopefully it will be mostly done tomorrow. The long term benefit is that it is easily modified / improved, etc… If you want to built a module for a tool, improve a module, etc., no problem. There is still a mess of clamps and tools on one work table and raw materials on the other. I should get most of that out of the way after tomorrow. Photos of what was, and what is.

I’ll be working on this from 11 tomorrow until 4. If you want to lend a hand, that would be great!


Wow. Amazing work!


It looks so much cleaner! Thanks all!

It’s also helping get a jump start on the loft disposition. This should help set us up for a more successful workday. Thanks @cfstaley and @gmossessian for getting it going.


I also need to shout out to Jennifer Childs @JennChilds . Her Makita track saw has been amazing in breaking down the panels.

@cfstaley won’t brag about it himself, but he spent something like 10 or 11 hours on Sunday working on this. Mega effort.


I got to see it in person Sunday, it is looking so incredible! Excited to see all the work going in ahead of the work day to make sure we can get a lot done on 12/4. I’m off work this week and hoping I’ll be able to get through enough of admin backlog items to come do some stuff in the space to help :crossed_fingers:

Good use of space, looks very nice! :ok_hand:
Just read this, if you need help with any other improvements let me know @cfstaley :+1: