Upcoming 3D printer classes

Are 3D printer classes by request, or will there be any upcoming? I didn’t see any on the schedule for the next few months.

@David @Devmani – any word on this?

Like Wyclef Jean said, " I’ll be gone til November." All my weekends are spoken for this month.

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:cold_sweat: We need more 3D printing teachers! @pearlgreymusic you have any interest in teaching? :awesome:

Yea, it’s unfortunate. I was available for the 4th Saturday this month and made it known but never got a follow-up that the class was scheduled, so that availability closed up.

I’m not in a huge rush, I just wanted to look at the cost and consider getting on the schedule if they aren’t offered frequently.

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This month is a scheduling oddity as I usually have 2 classes a month for each style of 3d printing.

Any documentation I can read about how teaching works?

I’m totally busy this month with BattleBots but come November, it might be something I can add to my flow

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Let’s set up a time to talk and we can go over the particulars.

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I can also teach 3D printing classes. Feel free to email me to discuss

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Having a big teacher pool for all our different required classes is the goal! Thanks @pearlgreymusic and @HannaKessler!