Trouble with Dorian

Yesterday I was having trouble cutting through 1/4" Baltic birch on Dorian, though I was using the same settings as I have with the same material in the past. Normally I can get it to cut cleanly at 80/100, but I had to slow it down to almost 5/100 to get it to cut, at which point it was completely charred. I checked and adjusted the Z axis to no avail. Is anyone else having similar issues?

Sounds like it blew a lens.

We didn’t write this down and maybe that’s an oversight, but if a laser does not perform to expectations- like by less than 85% of expectations- please don’t continue. There really aren’t cases where it’s just having a slow morning and hasn’t had its coffee yet. If it’s less than 85%, something is very wrong, and pushing it further only risks additional damage.


Copy that, thanks!