Transporting Machines

Hello. I thought people here might have local experience with this. I need to move a few palletized machines about 1500lbs 60’" height after partial disassembly to storage. Load site has a forklift, and unload site a pallet jack and loading dock 2’6" (30").

Is there a place to rent dock plates in town? Does ATXHS have a dock plate I could use?

Any recommendations for box truck rental to back up to the dock to limit the gap? A few I’ve seen have welded in place bed steps and tow hitches that would get in the way. I’ve used the Home Depot box truck before but the securing strap loops seem undersized for this type of load. I’d prefer for it to not slide into the cab when breaking down 360!

Special moving concerns regarding hired help?

Thanks, Jay, great question – betting @JoeN @EricP and @Chrisjmckinley have insight on this.

What are you trying to move?

Electron Microscope. Column is 1800#. Divides into main tower + column central section and two side desk compartments. 80" tall so disassembling the column lenses(about 70-100# ea), which should bring that central part to about 60" height and 1300-1500#. Fits on pallet. Shipping bolts on the central section, perhaps I should find strap-bolt connector for the tiedown?

Check with Sunbelt rentals for a variable height trailer. It raises and lowers to ease of use for a pallet jack to unload. I think the rental fee is about $80 per day. 1500 lbs is not a big deal. I would hire some helpers for the day. Get about (4) 3333 lbs ratchet straps from Home Depot. Drive slow and be a jerk about it.

Tyvm. That variable height truck and who would have it helps a lot. In total it’s probably about 9,000 lbs but all of the other sections are palletizable and about 300-500 lbs per pallet and it’s a 9 mile drive so I can (slowly) take a few trips to make sure the load is balanced.

I’ve rented lift gate trucks from Longhorn Rentals before. If the liftgate is above the platform, you can bring it down to the platform.

Ty. I haven’t found someone in town yet who has a variable height, drop deck trailer, or dock plate for rental, much less a covered one.

It looks like my best bet is to use a 16’ Cabover with liftgate and try that method, especially since there aren’t dock plates.