Transferable Experience- Request to use tools

Hello maker friends!
I am new to Assembly, but not new to makerspaces.
My previous experiences with makerspaces are: being a lab technician at UT’s TexasInventionworks, being an active member at Noisebridge Hackerspace in San Francisco, and being a member/volunteer at Humanmade in San Francisco.
I am requesting to be able to use some of the tools without completley starting over.
At Humanmade, I completed fundamental safety training and at least one project for

  • Tormach CNC Machine (project = can opener)
  • Alphabot CNC Machine (project = geometric-solid corner joint)
  • Craftbot/ Makerbot/ SLA 3d printers = many prints
  • Woodshop (I did the wooodshop training again here)
  • Wootlathe & Metal lathe
  • Manual Mill (project = metal business card holder)
  • Sewing machine = (many years of casual use, also make shirts and bags)
  • MIG welding with steel
  • 180W laser cutter (many projects, taught classes)
  • soldering (many projects, taught classes)
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Hi Keiarra, welcome to Asmbly!

We’d still ask you to take the woodshop safety class, as that’s a basic orientation to our woodshop more than a general woodworking class.

For tool-specific classes like Tormach, manual mill, metal lathe, you can “test out” of them by arrangement with the individual class instructor. Talk to @EricP about machine shop classes and @JoeN about welding class. You can talk to @EricP or @mcmancuso about checking out on our lasers. I’m not sure about the curriculum on 3D printing these days; talk to @dash3811 about your experience to see how much of it is applicable to our setup.

All this information is probably on the old wiki somewhere, but instructors have surely changed since it was last updated. Please post again if you have any questions!

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Welcome Keiarra! Glad to have you joining us :awesome:

What Jon said (also we don’t have classes for the sewing machine yet, so you’re good to go there).
Also, please let us know after you’ve gotten settled in if you are interested in teaching classes for any of these areas! We’re always looking to expand the teacher pool so that we can provide more classes to the community.

Side note on the sewing machine, as you can tell we’ve got a bit of construction going on to shift things into different spaces and we don’t have a new dedicated area for sewing setup yet. That’s in the works but may be a few months down the line right now.

Hello Keiarra! The CNC router does require you to take at least the second hands-on day to become familiar with this specific machine’s tooling, interface, and procedures. I’ve allowed qualified students to skip the first class day (Zoom) in some circumstances.

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