Tool request (track saw)

Hello, I am not sure of the official process but would like to submit to the board that we get a track saw (pluge circular saw) for the workshop. Especially with paces opening up the table saw can get very busy and it would be nice to have an alternative. The track saw is also better for cross cutting boards.

Makita have a highly rated one.


can you send a link for a couple options.


I have the 36V version of this one: and can heartily recommend.

If we don’t end up getting the sliding cross cut table, a track saw might be a much cheaper alternative.

We could also build a track saw jig similar to this one for a budget-budget option: DIY Track Saw Jig for your Circular Saw - Pretty Handy Girl

I also have the Makita and highly recommend it. I muddled by with DIY versions as well as the Kreg cross-cut and rip-cut adapters and they just don’t compare to a real track saw for accuracy.

I suggest getting the 110" guide rail as well as the 50" so we can rip full sheets and not just cross cut.

We’d get the most use if we put an MFT-style top with a grid of 20mm dog holes on one of the workbenches for use with it. I’ve been planning to make one myself next week. I think that would be an excellent alternative to the sliding table for the SawStop.


@Eric, the setup that Jenn is describing would be brilliant :ok_hand::ok_hand:

The tablesaw is often a bottleneck, and it’s a blessing and a curse to expand it’s capabilities. Having a good tracksaw will help offload some of the tasks, or at least provide a quality alternative.

Taking the tool to the workpiece can often be helpful, especially when dealing with full sheets of 3/4 ply. The portable dust collector would be able to attach to a Makita.

There is an old track at the shop, but at this point, it is a piece of scrap aluminum. It is severely beaten up. Protection and storage of a new track would need to be planned for.


I have the Festool TS75 (I think the Festool and Makita rails are interchangeable) and built a hybrid assembly/joinery bench that works extremely well. I think converting one of the large workbenches to an assembly / track saw table with dog holes would be very useful for everyone, even without a track saw. I’m happy to help with such a build and can give my insight on the various bench dog and track saw jigs and accessories out there. I have the UJK parf guide system for drilling the holes or it can be done on the CNC.



I like this idea a lot ^^^. Maybe the bench could include storage for the tracks underneath.

I noticed a bunch of what looked like Festool tracks as you enter the shop by the bandsaws. Can someone check those out and see what kind of condition they are in? Would be nice if those were still in good condition to use.

Ooops, didn’t see @cfstaley’s mention of these. Sounds like they are all trash? Agreed that we’ll need a really solid storage plan for these tracks to make sure they don’t get damaged again.

I only see one atm. It is covered in duct tape which will interfere with the saw riding on them. No splinter guard but that’s replaceable. The gumminess looks to be at one end so we could just cut it down.

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For storage, I recommend Fast Cap hangers. That’s what I have in my garage shop.


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I don’t know how we feel about used tools, but this Makita track saw just popped on CL for a reasonable price.

I personally love used tools. You can get great deals. The track saw with charger and 2-5.0 Amp-hr batteries is $499 new and the 55" track is another $87. A factory-refurbished saw only is $249 so this seems like a good deal at $300.

@valerie What’s the next step? Who makes the buying decision and the purchase?

The board would make the final decision, but next step would be getting with @EricP on storage and how members get trained/cleared for use. We have a board meeting this Wednesday, so if the info is all together before then we can get a decision made then.