TODO REVIEW: Can I prep materials in the wood shop for use on other equipment, such as the large CNC router?

TODO REVIEW: This answer has not been reviewed for correctness. Do not rely on it as policy quite yet.

Yes, as long as you are not encroaching on the space of members who have the woodshop reserved. You must maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet from other members. Members must clean/sanitize any tools used immediately before/after use. This goes for all reservations such as the laser, metal shop, etc.

Note: Lasers and CNC equipment require you to be vigilant at all times. Please do not run these machines while using other equipment that requires your full attention such as table saw, router table, planer/jointer, sanders, etc.

@valerie, @kye, @Jon: This draft FAQ entry is my first stab at what a real FAQ creation and curation process might look like. It’s a little different from my other proposal of posting drafts elsewhere and them moving them, for a couple reasons:

  1. I’ve realized that it would be nice to encourage folks to ask new questions on a free-form basis in the same category areas where we post the “official” answers. But “official” could just mean “this has been reviewed by at least one other member who is knowledgable about a given subject area”. Once we review FAQ entries like that, we could remove the TODO REVIEW tag and change it to REVIEWED (or maybe “ANSWERED”; really whatever tagging is clear enough).

  2. This process is potentially simpler and more transparent than the other idea.

So this suggests a simple “life cycle” for FAQ entries:

a. New FAQ entries are posted in the appropriate “FAQs about Subject X” category by anyone interested in Subject X. These can take the form of simply a question, or the OP can draft up a proposed answer. If the OP knows the process, they can tag it as TODO REVIEW from the moment it is created (like I just did), or mods can tag new topics as they get around to it.

b. Knowledgable members (in this case, presumably members of the reopen team) can review the topics tagged as TODO REVIEW, discuss with the OP if necessary, then finally update the tag it as ANSWERED if satisfied that the entry has a good answer.

c. From then on, an ANSWERED topic is “official”, but of course can also be edited/deleted/whatever as needed.

To help encourage consistent process, we can make some boilerplate text for the “About” topic pinned in each “FAQs” category.