Timeline on Dry Air Compressor

Do we have a general timeline or idea of a timeline of when the dry air compressor will be repaired and functional?

I was using the air the other day and it looked like i was washing my car there was so much water coming out of it. I turned it off and completely drained it. Not sure how often that has to happen but it seems its quite frequent.

Just didn’t know if help was needed to get it repaired or we have the parts they just need to be installed on the piece is why i was asking.

We think we have all the parts but it needs a good shakedown and checkout to make sure there’s nothing else wrong with it.

If we know where the parts are and there’s no objection, I can go ahead and fix the current issue and give a look over myself. At the least, it will be ready for that shakedown you speak of.

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Always good to see initiative from the community members ! See a problem , solve a problem!