Time For New CNC Collet Nut

I was using the CNC today and noticed the interior of the nut has become slightly oblong. I’m not sure if I was the cause or just the person to finally noticed but I think the nut needs to be replaced. I am willing to replace it I just need a confirmation on the type. My guess is ER 20?

Could you give a little clearer description, maybe take a pic? Nothing can be worn there without some serious error.

The lip in the interior of the collet nut that the collets clip into is no longer a circle; It’s an egg. I was using a 1/4" bit but the current 1/4" collet is gummed up. There was another “mystery” collet that I believe was a replacement for the gummed up old 1/4". I used this new one but it didn’t seem clip as nicely as the old ones. This could be because the nut was already worn or I’m an idiot and installed it wrong.

I believe you may be looking at the e-cam ring. That’s the extractor, it’s eccentric by design.